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Challenge: Share Your Gratitude

Thanksgiving is celebrated the fourth Thursday of every November in the United States of America. It is generally marked with a celebration of turkey dinners shared with family and friends. Some gather together to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning and even more people shout for their favorite football teams on television during the afternoon. It is, most importantly, a day for people to gather together and remember what they are thankful for.

Even Facebook users join in the November traditions of giving thanks by sharing posts of thankfulness. Did any of your friends do a daily post for MOG –or Month of Gratitude? The idea behind this is to get people to think, for thirty days straight, about what they should be grateful for in their lives. Each day they share a post giving thanks. I love the creativity and how specific people get in identifying even the smallest gifts which are often overlooked. I love watching friends give recognition to the little things in their lives.

Why don’t we make a conscious effort to continue our expressions of gratitude beyond one month? If we spend time every day recognizing the good surrounding us, it becomes a habit to readily notice positive things and give less notice to the negative experiences we have. What is the saying…? We should all readily have an “attitude of gratitude”.

One of my favorite things I did in the past was reaching out to some of the people who made an impact on my life. With the internet, it is easy to look up addresses for people that have somehow touched us in a positive manner. I contacted people I met only weeks before, and I also contacted people who had been a positive role model when I was younger. You should have heard the joy in the receiver’s voice. It was contagious. I was shy and nervous. Would they remember me? Would they think it was a silly prank call? Even when expressing gratitude, we all still have a fear of rejection I guess. I sent letters also. These letters opened up wonderful friendships that were able to grow from a student and teacher relationships into friendships as two grown adults.



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As the months progress, I challenge you to think of a few people who touched your life whether it was in a passing encounter or a lingering presence in your life’s journey. Reach out to these people. In the midst of their holiday cards, let them find your hand written note sharing gratitude. I’m asking you, challenging you, to contact someone who has touched your life. Say thank you. Expressing gratitude and impacting lives should not be restricted only to the thirty days in November.


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