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Seeking Suggestions

I am sending a free copy of my book, BrainStorming: Functional Lessons from aDysfunctional Brain, to some support groups and rehabilitation centers in America. Have share1you worked with any group you feel would benefit from my book? If so, please suggest where I should send a copy.

My hope is they pass it around and share stories so others know they are not alone in this journey.








Thank You for Watching & Sharing

“I sometimes walk into walls.
I will never recognize who someone is.
Occasionally I still fall down
which only serves to remind me…
… that I am blessed.”

– Tara Fall, author, educator… and seizure, brain surgery, and stroke survivor




Living With Acquired Anterograde Prosopagnosia

I realize I will never again know who I am in current photographs (prosopagnosia) without using broad clues such as background and clothing.  Due to only remembering faces from before (anterograde) my stroke (acquired), I always recognize myself in younger pictures.  However, logically, I will continue to age.  Even if I were to never again change my hair color or style, my face will change.  Aging is inevitable.  There are lines and creases that continuously alter how we appear.  It’s a fact of a life well lived.  

My image as a young woman will always be recognizable when flipping through photo albums.  I identify with these pictures from years gone by. Ana_122000 This image of what I looked like then is frozen in my mind forever.  It is the face I will always expect to see when I catch a glimpse of myself today.  Still, fortunately, I am able to remember the happy thoughts created each and every day.  In the end, these memories are much more beautiful and meaningful than any photograph we could ever take.



Back to Blogging – Catching Up

Welcome back! I hope you’ve had a great start to 2015. After writing consistently for four and a half years on FindingStrengthToStandAgain, I took a break the past few months to spend extra time with my children while they were on their long school breaks. Now they are back to their full schedules with school and afternoon activities, and we are all back into our routines. I am refreshed and ready to continue providing inspiration for you by sharing messages of hope.

My main focus of writing this blog remains to be helping educate people by using my experience with having had a stroke and my recovery from this cerebral vascular accident. I hope to teach others about epilepsy and raise awareness for prosopagnosia (a.k.a. face blindness). With my return, I am excited to add a new series to my blog. Look for “Lovely Words”. You’ll see the first post in this series published within the next week.

The most important thing for me is that the time I spend preparing my messages results in helping others grow. This is easiest for me to do when I know what you, my much appreciated readers, are looking to discover. How did you find me? Did you look through search engines like Google or Yahoo? Were you hoping to find more information about strokes, seizures, or prosopagnosia? Or, maybe you just stopped by to find some famous quotes? What are you hoping to read? What information can I provide for you?

Four years of being here with you has taught me a lot about the strength which can be found through optimism and our indomitable human spirit. I have truly appreciated you joining me on this journey. Let’s see what great things 2015 will bring our way!

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