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Visiting The Doctors – Date Announcement

On November 10th, I began speaking with a producer from the television show The Doctors about a possible segment to educate people about epilepsy, experiencing a stroke at a young age, and how acquiring prosopagnosia alters a life. I welcomed the opportunity to help raise awareness.

Often times I’ve been asked why I do this. People want to know what I am hoping for when I put my life so publicly on display. My answer to this question has not altered since the very first presentation I did over four years ago. My goal every time I speak is to touch one life. I want to help educate someone. Maybe I’ll let a survivor know they are not alone. I want people to understand we should not live a life defined by a disability… We can explore and expand our abilities. A lot of people experience conditions which those of us on the outside will never fully understand. If even just one person understands that with hope, perseverance, and support we can overcome obstacles then my life on display is worth it.

On November 11th, a wonderful man came to my house to tape the back story interview. On November 14th, I went to Los Angeles to speak with Dr. Jennifer Berman, Dr. Jim Sears, and Dr. Travis Stork in front of their studio audience. Tomorrow, December 10th, my segment will air. I am anxious to see how the taped pieces will be edited together. What some people don’t realize is that I don’t get to watch the final segment before it airs. I will see it when you do. If you would like to watch it with me, this link will take you to the website of The Doctors where you can find the show’s time and channel in your area. And, hopefully, I will touch a life with this interview.

Discover My Book

I am excited to announce a new milestone achievement in my life. BrainStorming: Functional Lessons from a Dysfunctional Brain, has been printed and is now available. The book encompasses many of my favorite anecdotes and messages that you have already read on this website. Now they will be available at your fingertips to read at your leisure.

  • This book is now on Amazon.
  • Signed copies are available to order on my website.


BrainStorming book Cover

Her Own Reflection Is A Mystery Due To Face Blindness « CBS Los Angeles

Last week, my interview with KCBS in Los Angeles aired.  The entire process, from taping it at my house to hearing viewers feeback afterwards, has been a rewarding adventure.  My goal is always to help educate people about various neurological conditions and inspire others who face challenges.

For the taping of this segment, it was a delight to have them come out to our house for a day of taping.

Setting up for our interview in my living room

After the interview, it was nice to sit around and get to know one another better.  I always like guests to stay and chat for a bit.  After listening to me talk all day, I want to hear what they have to say.  I like to learn about others because eeryone has a story to share.

Relaxing after our interview with KCBS2

Lisa Sigell delivered an interview in which I was proud to have taken part.  She is a wonderful lady with a beautiful heart.  I hope people were educated about various neurological conditions and we did inspire people to help better the lives of others.

Here is the interview which aired on KBC2:

Her Own Reflection Is A Mystery Due To Face Blindness « CBS Los Angeles.

MENIFEE: Woman Facing Her Problems (revisiting)

“Facing Her Problems” was written by Peter Surowski and published August 27, 2012 in Press-Enterprise.  Thank you, Peter, for the time and energy you spent writing this piece last year to help raise awareness of prosopagnosia and neuroscience research.  Over the past year, I have heard from people throughout Southern California commenting on how well your article was written and how informative it was.

MENIFEE: Woman can’t recognize her own face.

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