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Losing and Gaining Weight (8,313 Pounds)

On February 28, 2017, I watched all 8,313 pounds of our household belongings be loaded into seven crates.  This is an odd perspective, seeing everything we own (clothes, furniture, etc.) covered with a thick tarp being driven away.



Sixty-three days later, on May 2nd, these belongings -now noted as 3,770 kilograms-  were delivered to our new house on the eastern coast of Sicily.

Gaining Weight


  • 8,313 pounds
  • 242 boxes
  • all fit into 7 crates

…That folks, that is just stuff.


  • 2 beautiful children
  • 1 intact family searching for adventure in this world

….These friends, these are gifts we’ve been given by life. It is our responsibility to remember to remain grateful and embrace the gifts life provides us.


We’ve started on a new adventure life offered our family this spring. There are still many challenges in my life, but I maintain an unwavering optimism to overcome these obstacles.


Stay tuned for my series of See Sicily With Me.





The One Thing Worse Than Moving: Not Moving

It is time to power up the computer and start writing again. Thankfully I have had a few organizations ask me to speak with a short-term notice. It is good to keep busy. In late October, we were scheduled to move. We were ready. We had down-sized. The kids were not getting involved in many programs at school (easier to leave). We were mentally prepared to go. The day before the moving company came, we were told this transition would be placed on hold. My husband was needed on another work trip before we could leave.


I am used to moving. We have had about a dozen different addresses. I rather enjoy the process. I like meeting new people and seeing new places. This move however, this move was entirely different. According to Google, it would take us 6,680 miles/ 10,750 km. We had been fully prepared to move from the United States to Sicily. Now we had to wait.

As much as I enjoy it, moving is a stressful event. It takes a lot of planning. Many phone calls and various arrangements have always needed to be made when we went from city to city. Moving from our home country to half-way around the world exponentially increases the items on a to-do list.

Early this fall I stopped scheduling speaking engagements. Since we were leaving the country soon, I forced myself to mentally say so-long to that part of my journey. Oh my how I miss classroom visits! My focus has been centered solely on my family. When you are in high school, as my kids are, a sudden adjustment like this causes your world to be turned upside down. Their dad had to leave immediately for a long work trip, and now a move date is no longer tomorrow yet lingering in their just out of reach future.

It’s time now to readjust my focus. The shock has worn off. The routines have been created. The computer is back on. I am ready to write again. Yes, moving is stressful. But, I have learned, not being able to make a planned move on time is much, much more stressful.




How Do You Define Home?

Moving Box

Our family recently moved. We had eleven days between saying goodbye to our old house and getting the keys to our new place in a different city.

Front Old House

Both of these homes are close to the coast in the western part of the United States.

By pure luck, we found a great last-minute cruise departing from a nearby city.

Cruise Ship Carnival Inspiration

This cruise was less expensive than it would have been to live out of a hotel during the days we were in limbo between addresses.

After the cruise, we did spend some time at a hotel. When we finally accepted our new keys, we spent that morning in an empty house with laminate flooring, carpet, and freshly painted white walls.

Front of new house

What I found interesting was how we, so effortlessly, altered the term “home” during each phase of this move. The first afternoon we were trying not to get lost on the cruise ship we repeatedly referred to our cabin as home. We would alter between telling our girls to “be back here before supper” and “be home right after the kids’ club event”. They never corrected our choice of words. Both terms were fitting. When we stayed at the hotel and talked about our schedule, we would say, “What time will you be home from work?” The day after we received our keys, we stared at the intimidating stack of boxes. We went out for a bit, and I thought, “It’s time to get home and unpack.”

As a military family, we had long ago built our family’s transitions around the concept of…

Maybe having moved so many times for my husband’s career is what makes our family’s concept of home so fluid. Maybe this is the reason….. Yet, I hope not. I don’t want our home to be linked to a career move or a new address with freshly painted walls. I prefer to believe our home is a place centered on people who care about each other and a community waiting to be explored.

    How do you define home?

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