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Discovered Number Quickly Offers Success

Have you ever set a goal and felt frustrated or angry when reaching this goal seemed too elusive?  Have you ever hoped to accomplish something either small or grand and felt sad, let-down when you never obtained what you were hoping for?  How hard did you really work for this desired dream to come true?

For dreams to become a reality, we must do more than just hope.  For a goal to be accomplished, we must do more than write them on a piece of paper.  No one sedentary will lose six pounds in two months by looking into a mirror with a frustrated heart.  No one will graduate top of their class by sitting in study hall and skimming through a textbook while making plans for upcoming weekends.  Dreams can only be accomplished through an abundant amount of work and determination.  There is no other person or program that will offer you a fast path to success.  What is the discovered number that will quickly offer success?  This number = 1.  This number is You.  You are the answer for success.

I once hoped, and begged at times, the other thirty people in statistics class would give me some quick answers I could rely on to do better.  I silently pleaded that physical therapists would be able to teach me to walk again quickly with less work, little sweat and no pain.  I wished five other people interviewing for the job I was dreaming of would suddenly change their minds and go home.  Over time I realized there was only one person who would earn me high marks on tests, offer progress in walking independently again and execute enough to receive offers for sought after jobs.  I was the only one who had power to accomplish my set of goals.

No other person will walk into your town or onto your campus, seek you out and provide everything you may be silently wishing.  Yet, what if you knew this magical person was actually nearby?  Wouldn’t you chase them down smile, beg, bargain and plead?  If the answer to your dreams were that close, wouldn’t you do everything in your power and use all of your focus and energy to win their respect?  You would never stop chasing them around town until you accomplished what you set out to achieve.  You would do everything you can because it is visible and obtainable.

You, yourself alone, are able to reach these goals.  No mystical person is going to appear.  You should never doubt your power to answer your own dreams.  You can create the check mark next to goals you’ve written down.  Just like chasing someone else who is holding your dreams, you need to place that same level of ambition and excitement into achieving what you want each and every moment.  What have you done today to help get closer to what you are working towards? What have you done today that will create answers to your wishes?

No one has nearly the power to help you succeed as you have within yourself.  The powerful number opening the door to success is 1.  As an individual, you have the power to succeed.  You have energy to head to the gym and make healthier food choices.  You have the forethought to join or create a study group before you begin to struggle with classes.  You have the ability to start thinking about what small steps you can take daily before your feet touch the ground every morning.

I have goals.  These are big dreams.  I wish they could be accomplished tomorrow, but it will take time and a lot of effort.  I know, however, the joy will truly be mine when my own sweat and hard work help me achieve these dreams.  These goals are my own.  I will never give up.  I have enough initiative to not sit and wait hoping for a non-existent person to come and deliver answers to dreams.  Today, I will not wait and lose sight of what I want.  Today I am using the power of 1 and heading out to make my dreams and goals a reality.  I will discover ways to create my own success.

Evolution of Goals: Six Miles and Counting

A few weeks ago I wrote about how our definition of normal always evolves.  This past week I was thinking about other ever-changing areas of my life.  For example, people’s goals are always changing, growing and hopefully getting grander.  My physical goals do just this.

The day after I had my stroke I was told I may never walk again without the aid of assistive devices.  From that point on, it was explained; I may be required to depend on an AFO brace, a crutch cane or a walker to be mobile.  In my mind, at twenty-seven I was too young to accept this news.  I had too much to do in life to never walk independently again.  I set a goal of walking alone.  I was determined to achieve and exceed this initial goal.  I worked hard.  I worked very hard.  I was determined see if Thomas Carlyle was truthful when he said, “Go as far as you can see; when you get there you’ll be able to see farther.”  He was correct.  I was determined to continue with expanding my milestones.  I listened to doctors and pushed myself beyond what even I thought I was capable of.  This determined attitude and hope that I harbored allowed me to complete a four mile walk four years later beside my two young daughters.  The only assistive devices I held that day were the hands’ of my children.  Together we accomplished the Coronado Bay Bridge Walk.

Finish Line For Coronado Bay Bridge Walk

4 Years 4 Miles: Finishing Coronado Bay Bridge Walk

My goals continued to grow.  This past weekend I “ran” five miles and “biked” six miles.  Now I did not actually run these miles, nor did I go out and ride a bike.  Some goals are still out of reach.  I used an elliptical because I still do not have use of some required muscles that would allow me to run.  I rode my miles on a stationary bike.  I do not have the balance to keep a bike upright.  I hope to run again outside some day.  I would like to take my kids out on a bike ride without needing training wheels or a third wheel.  Today though these goal are still beyond my reach.  For now, I will stay inside on fitness equipment.  I make believe the wind blows through my hair.  I hear the sounds of a nearby road and feel the sun beaming through the window warming my face as if I were outside without restrictions.  My body may not offer me the ability to reach my pre-stroke goals.  I do, however, have the ability to make sure my goals are always evolving. I fail occasionally; sometimes I have to lower my expectations.  I may not have the ability to take back all of what seizures, surgery and the stroke have taken.  I will always continue to hope though and always take hold of the next opportunity life will place within my reach.  Bernard Edmonds once said, “To dream anything that you want to dream. That’s the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do. That is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed.”

I may never run a half marathon, but at least I can keep up with my children on a beautiful afternoon walk.  I may never know a life completely free of seizures, yet my inner strength will not allow medical difficulties to stop me from living a full life.  I won’t remember your face, but I will remember the kindness you offer me through your support, words and actions.  I dare myself to dream, to evolve my goals higher every time I reach a plateau.  I trust myself to not just live an ordinary life but work to leave an extraordinary legacy providing optimism and hope to every life I touch.

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