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Weekly Serving of Optimism: Quotes & Thoughts (Prosopagnosia)

This week, rather than offer you a list of quotes or short thoughts, I would like to direct you to an hour of information: Sunday, 60 Minutes aired a two part show about prosopagnosia. I encourage you to watch both parts and learn more about this disorder. Prosopagnosia, a condition also known as face blindness, was explained through reports and studies from researchers. Firsthand experiences were also shared by some individuals with prosopagnosia.

I highly encourage everyone to go, at the very least, to 2 minutes 44 seconds into the Part 1 video. This contains a great example of what it feels like to not recognize people. Dr. Brad Duchaine has studied prosopagnosia for over fifteen years. He developed this demonstration to show how individuals with face blindness can see all features of a face, but still have no ability to recognize who people are.

Face Blindness: PART 1

Face Blindness: PART 2

Click here to read more about my experiences with prosopagnosia.  Additional older posts can be found near the bottom of the page.

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