Overcoming obstacles with Optimism

Moving Box

Our family recently moved. We had eleven days between saying goodbye to our old house and getting the keys to our new place in a different city.

Front Old House

Both of these homes are close to the coast in the western part of the United States.

By pure luck, we found a great last-minute cruise departing from a nearby city.

Cruise Ship Carnival Inspiration

This cruise was less expensive than it would have been to live out of a hotel during the days we were in limbo between addresses.

After the cruise, we did spend some time at a hotel. When we finally accepted our new keys, we spent that morning in an empty house with laminate flooring, carpet, and freshly painted white walls.

Front of new house

What I found interesting was how we, so effortlessly, altered the term “home” during each phase of this move. The first afternoon we were trying not to get lost on the cruise ship we repeatedly referred to our cabin as home. We would alter between telling our girls to “be back here before supper” and “be home right after the kids’ club event”. They never corrected our choice of words. Both terms were fitting. When we stayed at the hotel and talked about our schedule, we would say, “What time will you be home from work?” The day after we received our keys, we stared at the intimidating stack of boxes. We went out for a bit, and I thought, “It’s time to get home and unpack.”

As a military family, we had long ago built our family’s transitions around the concept of…

Maybe having moved so many times for my husband’s career is what makes our family’s concept of home so fluid. Maybe this is the reason….. Yet, I hope not. I don’t want our home to be linked to a career move or a new address with freshly painted walls. I prefer to believe our home is a place centered on people who care about each other and a community waiting to be explored.

    How do you define home?


Comments on: "How Do You Define Home?" (5)

  1. Ms. Tara!
    To me home is where you remain connected to those you love and care about. With technology nowadays, it is possible to be at home anywhere in the world.
    Home is truly where your heart is.
    I love you always!

  2. I just love your definition of home: “I prefer to believe our home is a place centered on people who care about each other and a community waiting to be explored.”

    By the way, I used to work for an international cruise ship, but not the one on your photo. 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words Adrian! Did you enjoy your work on a cruise ship? The days on/days off schedule sounds brutal. Yet, I think the initial experience of new ports would have been well worth it. What’s your favorite place you ever went ashore?

      • What days off? Haha! I didn’t have that on my job role. I work seven days a week. No rest days. Whew! 🙂 But I only had a few hours off when I go ashore.

        My favorite place is San Francisco, California when we had our “dry dock season” for 10 days with no guests, and Victoria BC, Canada. 🙂

        Hope you’re family’s adjusting well to your new home location. 😉

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