Overcoming obstacles with Optimism

On November 10th, I began speaking with a producer from the television show The Doctors about a possible segment to educate people about epilepsy, experiencing a stroke at a young age, and how acquiring prosopagnosia alters a life. I welcomed the opportunity to help raise awareness.

Often times I’ve been asked why I do this. People want to know what I am hoping for when I put my life so publicly on display. My answer to this question has not altered since the very first presentation I did over four years ago. My goal every time I speak is to touch one life. I want to help educate someone. Maybe I’ll let a survivor know they are not alone. I want people to understand we should not live a life defined by a disability… We can explore and expand our abilities. A lot of people experience conditions which those of us on the outside will never fully understand. If even just one person understands that with hope, perseverance, and support we can overcome obstacles then my life on display is worth it.

On November 11th, a wonderful man came to my house to tape the back story interview. On November 14th, I went to Los Angeles to speak with Dr. Jennifer Berman, Dr. Jim Sears, and Dr. Travis Stork in front of their studio audience. Tomorrow, December 10th, my segment will air. I am anxious to see how the taped pieces will be edited together. What some people don’t realize is that I don’t get to watch the final segment before it airs. I will see it when you do. If you would like to watch it with me, this link will take you to the website of The Doctors where you can find the show’s time and channel in your area. And, hopefully, I will touch a life with this interview.

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  1. Tara, you are forever a hero! You don’t need validation from me to know you are travelling the right path along your journey. Many of us have conditions that are relatable and provides resources and means to reach out and touch others, in the manner that you are. However, knowing that your condition is, more than likely, far more rare than others, its even more vitally important for you to get the word out in whatever manner you can. I’m reminded of how isolated some people feel when they are depressed, or with an addiction, etcetera and how they believe there is no where or no one to turn to for help. With that said, I can’t imagine the isolation one must feel with a condition such as this, which may be complicated, in part, by not knowing what it is and/or not having anyone or any resources to provide answers You’re a champion of hope!! Keep up the great work! 😊

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