Overcoming obstacles with Optimism

[Interviewer:]   It’s nice to have a high school student here.  What are you going to do with your life?
[Answer I would have given]   I’m going to work at Subway and make sandwiches and hopefully make some extra money.

[Interviewer:]   I’m glad we can talk to a new college student today.  What are you going to do with your life?
[Answer I would have given] I am going to get my college degree and be one of the youngest people to earn it.  I want my BA by the time I turn 20.

[Interviewer:] What are you going to do with your life now that you are getting married?
[Answer I would have given] I am going to have a wonderful family with two beautiful children.

[Interviewer:]   What are you going to do with your life since seizures and amnesia have taken so much?
[Answer I would have given] I am going to leave the lost memories behind and work hard to create even more amazing memories than those I missed.

[Interviewer:]   What are you going to do with your life as you recover from the stroke?
[Answer I would have given]   I am going to walk again.  I am going to be independent.  I am going to raise my family and try to let other people who have gone through a lot know that tomorrow will be brighter.  I am going to help other people realize the potential they have within themselves.

Thank you morguefile.com for the use of this picture

Thank you morguefile.com for the use of this picture

Never once would I have predicted I was going to begin a blog, an on-going writing dialogue, for the world to read.  Never once could I have imagined I would have the opportunity to meet amazing people from all over the world.  I never knew anyone would want to listen.  And, I definitely never dreamed I would have the great gift of everyone’s time and also your responses.

In all my life, I never could have predicted I would be writing, sharing lessons and thoughts, with so many interesting people.  I never expected you would take time to listen, subscribe to my blog and then continue to come back time and time again.  Posts I have put out for the world to see have been read over 25,000 times.

Not too bad coming from a teenager who wanted to be a sandwich artist or a mom who aimed, just hoped, to have two children and then grew into a person hoping to show people the potential they carry within themselves.

Not bad for a lady at home who no longer sees the world completely but always feels totally overwhelmed by the support every single one of those twenty-five thousand visitors offered.

As an interviewer, I would ask you, “What can you accomplish today?  What bigger dreams and amazing realities are waiting for you in the days and years to come?”  I hope you would answer you’ll work hard, enjoy every moment you have, and never doubt the great things you will achieve in your life.

Thank you for taking this journey with me and responding to the messages you are receiving. I continue to hope our adventure can offer optimism demonstrating a life well lived.

The Jeff Probst Show film crew at our house


Comments on: "Self-Interview On Achievements" (12)

  1. Karen Jackson said:

    Tara – you always amaze me and I am so glad you are in our family. The girls are beautiful too and I miss y’all very much.

    Aunt Karen

  2. Carmen said:

    Mrs. Fall,

    Your question opens up so many possible answers! And I love the numerous
    ways in which I can experience them ALL!

    I love your ‘vision’ and as I strive to see all possibilities through
    your eyes, I am curious:
    Do you think ~ where I’m going ~ actually sees me coming?!

    Much love grows in my heart every time I think of you. THANK YOU!

    • I think every day you’re laying bricks which are paving a way to a beautiful future for you and your family Carmen. Never give up on dreams or under utilize your gifts. I can’t wait to hear about the bigger dreams and amazing realities you will experience.


  3. Tara you’re awesome.

  4. Amy, thanks! You are awesome, too. I love that you have taken your career as a physical therapist and helped teach stroke patients ways to improve our bodies. You have taken the lemon life gave you in the form of your stroke and made lemonade that inspires us all. You, just like Carmen, have some amazing realities coming in your future. I am excited to read about them.


  5. Tara : What can you accomplish today?

    bended spoon : I can be the best mom! I am the best Mom — like YOU!

    Tara : What is your favorite sandwich?

    bended spoon : 12″ Subway turkey sandwich — everything in it!

    Tara : Who I am to you?

    bended spoon : You are an inspiration — shining bright!

    Happy Mother’s Day Best Mom! 🙂

    • Oh my goodness you are so sweet! Thank you so much!

      How was your weekend? I hope it was relaxing and rewarding. Thank you for taking time to leave your comment. It really means a lot to me.


  6. Just beautiful, Tara.
    No surprise, but always delight.

  7. It took a stroke to put some purpose there for me, sad but true.

    • You put out a lot of great information Dean. The knowledge you share with Dean’s Stroke Musings is always great to read. I hope you know your purpose is helping others, myself included!


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