Overcoming obstacles with Optimism

When trying to answer this question, I first got online.  Then I headed to my bookshelf to look deeper for the reason behind our culture’s tradition.

I found words synonymous with resolution:   decision – determination – solution

This is the definition of resolution according to (Merriam-Webster):

res·o·lu·tion       noun \ˌre-zə-ˈlü-shən\

1: the act or process of resolving: as

a : the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones

b : the act of answering : solving

c : the act of determining

d : the passing of a voice part from a dissonant to a consonant tone or the progression of a chord from dissonance to consonance

e : the separating of a chemical compound or mixture into its constituents

f (1) : the division of a prosodic element into its component parts (2) : the substitution in Greek or Latin prosody of two short syllables for a long syllable

g : the analysis of a vector into two or more vectors of which it is the sum

2: the subsidence of a pathological state (as inflammation)

3a : something that is resolved

b : firmness of resolve

4: a formal expression of opinion, will, or intent voted by an official body or assembled group

And then again, as so often when I look up a word, I had to ask myself… what did all of that mean?  What is a resolution?


Every day we plan to make it out of the house on time, or put in an effort to get any number of items accomplished.  The dawn brings with it new ideas and an opportunity to make our lives a little better than the day before.

Each day, I make a conscious decision to leave behind everything I touch a little more beautiful than when I first passed through.  I try to engrave this determination, born from hope, into my children.  I want them to see, regardless of whether they are in the valley or touching the peaks of their dreams, the dawning day is theirs for new discoveries.  I know every day will not be lined with roses and happiness.  With challenges, I will discover weakness.  When we find weaknesses, we’re offered an opportunity to create a new strength.  We can then discover a creative solution.

I am not sure why we give one day each year, on New Year’s Day, to making resolutions.  All of a sudden this becomes so popular.  Many individuals hope these date-stamp resolutions will instantly change their lives.  Instead, if we make small daily goals, the rewards of completion become an incentive to continue accomplishing more and more.

Resolutions are good.  Making a decision, having determination and working on a solution can never be bad.  Yet, why wait for one set day on the calendar.  Set these goals each day and every week.  Dare to dream.  And realize, with continued effort, all your hopes can evolve into a reality.

My wish for you is a wonderful, happy and prosperous new year.

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Comments on: "What is a New Year’s Resolution Anyway? Defining Resolution" (2)

  1. Happy New Year to and may you have a wonderful happy, healthy and properous new year! Tara you are always an inspiration to me! May God bless.

    Aunt Karen

  2. So much wisdom, so simply and clearly expressed, in a small space! What a gift for the New Year! Thank you, Tara.

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