Overcoming obstacles with Optimism

Sunday Sunshine

This past week I typed my name into Google for simple amusement, and amusement was what I discovered.  One site I clicked on had cut and paste the transcript from my Today Show interview.  They also included pictures of me from various news sources.  What amused me was the song they had streaming in the background which started as soon as I entered their site.

Listen to this song.  Tell me if you found the reason for my smiles in the first couple of words, too.


I am not sure what statement the author of the article was trying to make.  I, however, would like to think maybe they feel the same way I do.  How you feel on the inside is so much more valuable than what you can see, or what you remeber seeing, on the outside. Wouldn’t you agree?


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  1. I have been dealing with an internal problem for many years. I was raised (or, at least, conditioned) to look majorly at external beauty, even though I know, intellectually, that internal beauty is more important. This affects the people I am interested in and who I look at in order to date. Obviously, there has to be some outward appreciation of looks, but I would like to recondition myself a bit more to appreciate internal beauty and look in that direction for a possible dating partner down the road. So, my point being, yes, I agree with you that what is inside is more important (or should be) than what is on the outside.

    • Thanks Scott. I hope you are able to recondition yourself a bit in these ways. Beauty on the outside fades away…. some are able to maintain their internal beauty forever. I notice since I no longer hold the picture of a face in my mind, I rarely judge people on their outward appearance anymore. It’s a plus that I’ve been able to let that go.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. I was glad to hear from you!


      • There is a positive to every circumstance. You can see and hold to inner beauty and the stroke took most of my OCD away.. It has been good to be able to choose more freely and not have the craving to do whatever in patterns.

  2. Heather said:

    Ok, that’s kind of funny. I just looked at the title and that line came to me and I remembered your post about walking through the mall after getting a haircut. Wonder if the producers thought that through. Well, you’re certainly making a great point and educating the public.

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