Overcoming obstacles with Optimism

One good thing that comes from experiencing amnesia is you learn the true significance of embracing each memory and trying to cement it in your mind.  I understand what Bruce Springsteen was singing about when he spoke of our glory days and how “they’ll pass you by … in the wink of a young girl’s eye”.  I not only lost my ability to recall glory days but all memories.  My memories were gone not in the wink of an eye but through a rapid series of seizures.  Now I savor each moment understanding it is possible to no longer hold in my mind the happiness and hope I fondly recall.

This past week was filled with memories I know I’ve been captured as glory days.  I was a guest in front of a live studio audience on The Jeff Probst Show.  I had special people visit from out of state.  I had my daughters hold my hand and tell me I’m a great mommy.  Little moments can easily pass us by.  Often times you do not realize the importance of these moments until they are gone.

Tomorrow you may look back and realize the impact someone made on your life today.  It often takes the passing of time to recognize what positive changes came from it. Someone else may look at the gifts you gave them today, whether it was a simple smile or a kind word, and tomorrow -or days down the road- they’ll remember what an amazing difference you made for them.  They’ll never have the chance to tell you they still fondly think of you.  Hold on to every gift of joy and happiness you experience. Someday, somewhere along the line you may look back and realize today was one of your many “Glory Days”.

Comments on: "Weekly Serving of Optimism: Quotes & Thoughts (Glory Days)" (1)

  1. Beautiful post, Tara. So encouraging — and true, even though hard to hang on to, since the feedback, as you say, may never come. You just have to have faith —

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