Overcoming obstacles with Optimism

May 19, 2012 was the 26th annual MWR Navy Bay Bridge Run/Walk.  This was our second time entering the event.  Four years after my stroke my daughters and I walked the Navy Bay Bridge Run/Walk from San Diego to Coronado.  Without any assistive device, neither an AFO nor cane, I finished with only their support and the encouragement of hope.  These pictures are from a previous walk.

Finish Line For Coronado Bay Bridge Walk

4 Years 4 Miles

Beautiful murals greeted us as we started the walk and came close to Cesar Chavez Park.

The skyline of San Diego is beautiful even with May gray clouds.  After enough years, I have learned May gray is good to have linger.  If the skies can remain gray, July fry (very hot earlier and throughout the day) stays away leaving us with cooler afternoons.

From the bridge one side allows a great view of San Diego.  Make your way through the thousands and thousands of walkers and you can see the ships at the Navy Shipyard and Naval Station San Diego.

Hope is found!  As the bridge starts to go down, you can see Silver Strand leading into the island of Coronado.

Tidelands Park is visible from the other side of the bridge.  This is where our walk will end.  Just over a mile left to go!

The finish line is right in front of us now….  Finished!  Nine years out from my stroke, five years after our first walk and I dropped my time down by nearly an hour!  This year I was able to jog some, too.  This year it was a walk/jog.

I am not ready for my half-marathon.  I may not be able to run a 5K yet, but I still hold hope, and hope can offer answers to new goals.  I am stronger every day.  I am learning more every moment.  Today is a gift, and I hope a day never goes by I don’t remember how lucky I am to be given a chance to push myself for yet another challenge.

See you at the 2013 Coronado Bay Bridge Run/Walk


Comments on: "Walking/Running the Coronado Bay Bridge" (6)

  1. YEA!!! Fantastic! A walk/jog will do just fine! And an hour off your time as well! You should be very proud!

  2. Way to go, Tara. Just doing at all astounds me, let alone cutting an hour off your previous time.

  3. An hour off your time is fantastic Tara, and the very fact that you entered the event at all is an inspiration! Well done, take a bow!

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