Overcoming obstacles with Optimism

Do you have 5 minutes and 21 seconds to spare?  A year ago I shared this video on my blog.  If you did not have the opportunity to watch it then, or maybe do not recall what it was about, please take the time to watch it now.  University of Iowa’s Department of Neurology has been impacting lives for years with their phenomenal research program.  They have provided me with an opportunity to grow and understand my experiences with epilepsy, coping with the recovery of a stroke and prosopagnosia.  Advancements, based on previous research completed, have allowed me to experience the medical freedoms I live with today.  I am very proud to support ongoing Neuroscience Research programs that continue to gather information to help us today and offer more answers for families tomorrow.

You may have seen this video last year when it was first distributed.  To date, over 1,600 people have viewed it.  It is my hope that individuals progressing from stroke patient to stroke survivor may have benefited from it.  I hope others who had never heard of prosopagnosia gained understanding of how this condition impacts a life.  If you feel you gained a better understanding of these conditions, I would be grateful for you to click share and help spread my lessons learned.  Thank you very much Ben Hill, John Riehl and the University of Iowa for creating this impacting video that helps tell my story.  I truly appreciate your time and effort in helping me share my message of hope.


Comments on: "Prosopagnosia YouTube Video" (7)

  1. thanks for sharing the video! very informative.

  2. Thanks for finding my blog and following it! I like your blog. I could definitely use a little optimism in my life right now. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on COALESCENCE and commented:
    Please take a few minutes to read this post and watch the video. Tara is an incredibly interesting and inspiring person. I’ve followed her blog for some time—I hope you’ll choose to as well!

  4. Tara: I reblogged this on coalescence. —George

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