Overcoming obstacles with Optimism

Heather has been putting posts out all month to help raise awareness of epilepsy. Enjoy this guest article I wrote. Please, visit her site. Take time to read through all of the exceptional, emotional and educational posts she is sharing with us. Thank you Team Aidan.

Team Aidan

This is another guest post in the series, “Faces of Epilepsy.” I’m grateful to Tara for giving us the perspective of being an adult with Epilepsy. She writes here and her posts reflect her hope-filled and joyful attitude.

I am a mother of two beautiful children.
I am filled with hope, laughter and self-esteem.
I am an author, a motivational speaker, a community volunteer and best yet… a full-time mom.
I move frequently and travel often.
I am a Navy wife; therefore, I’m a single mom while my husband’s at sea.
I am independent in life yet endlessly seek the company of others.

My life was as “normal” as is the life of any pre-teen. I started having odd “spells” when I was in 8th grade. After brief episodes, I would tap my face and count my fingers; I would become very confused and very tired…

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Comments on: "Supporting Team Aidan as They Support Epilepsy Awareness" (1)

  1. Thank-you so much for sharing your story. It really has been a privilege for me to journey with lots of people on this road. And boy, I’ve been educating myself in the process of educating other.

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