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Benefits To Pain

Many people have often asked, “Why do I have to hurt like this?  Why do I need to be in such pain?”  This pain, being referred to, is sometimes a mental anguish.  Other times pain being resisted is of a physical form.  Either way, these are common questions.  To feel no pain is a common, understandable wish.  From my life lessons, I offer this warning: Be careful what you wish for!

At one time, I have certainly had the same sentiment; I have no doubt.  This resistance to pain would commonly be a blessing for many.  When I became mobile again, following my stroke, I had that very ability.  On my left side, I could feel no pain.  This actually became more of a curse than a blessing.  I burnt myself one day in the kitchen.  I thought I was feeling something very cold like my countertop, yet it was a hot skillet my finger was lying against.  I can only tell if I am over exercising by the pull and strain I feel on the right-side of my body.  I would not be aware if I pulled a muscle on the left leg or arm.  Once, I had to have x-rays on my ankle.  The doctor could tell I was limping more.  I knew something did not seem right.  Yet, even if it had broken after I fell off of a sidewalk, this would not have been obvious to me.  Another experience led to me losing a toe nail.  The doctor asked if I had kicked my toes against something hard or if I dropped an object on my foot.  I was clueless as to what trauma occurred causing enough damage for the nail to discolor and then fall off from my large toe.   I did not have the ability to feel any pain, even intense pain, that would cause such a significant problem to a single toe.

I know what it is like to hurt.  I know what it is like to wish the pain felt could all just disappear.  I also know sometimes feeling no pain is just as challenging as feeling pain so severe you believe you cannot take anymore suffering.  Trust me as I tell my story: It is sometimes better to feel as if the hurt will cause your body to break than to have your body break and never know the damage and brokenness were ever occurring.


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  1. Thank you Tara for reminding us of how we are made. Two years ago we lost a friend to complications due to diabetes. SHe injured a toe and she couldn’t feel the sores that developed.. They turned gangrous and the ganrene wan’t caught in time and spread throughout her body. The old adage “No pain, No gain” is only partially correct. Workouts that challenge our physcial as well as our mental muscles at the right level will help us develop. Workouts that are too much can harm our muscles beyond repair. Without pain and the ability to distinquish appropriate pain levels we won’t know when to stop and when it is okay to keep going. Too much pain can cause serious consequences. Not reaching that first level of pain and responding appropriately will lead to a lack of development. This is where the adage “No pain, No gain” is true and where we should heed it.

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