Overcoming obstacles with Optimism

Rags to riches can be defined as when someone alters their life to rise from poverty into wealth or from obscurity into fame.  However, I believe we can make a much simpler jump.  Anyone can find their way from rags to riches.  It does not need to be such a drastic jump.  It can be a simpler leap from a bad situation into a life of hope and renewed promise.  Using that definition, I have certainly found my way from rags to riches time and time again.

Yes, I readily admit I am “that person”.  I am the overly optimistic individual that can drive you crazy and leave you shaking your head wondering why and how someone can remain so hopeful and happy.  I cannot give you the answer to either how or why.  I can only tell you that my optimistic thoughts and goals are completely sincere.  I have no doubt they have been my lifeline to help carry me through life’s challenges with a feeling of hope and peace.  I can overcome my obstacles with optimism.  It is this optimistic drive that raises me from the rags life delivers and provides my path to abundant riches.

Life has thrown me many challenges.  I have experienced an array of stressors.  Due to our military life, we move a lot and have had to start over again often.  With each move, I am able to find great, new friends and explore amazing new cities.  I have gone into status epilepticus causing my memories to be wiped away.  Due to my encounter with amnesia, I have realized the importance of recording memories to never allow them to disappear again.  I had a stroke while in my twenties and temporarily lost my ability to walk.  I recall the challenges my toddlers faced learning this skill, and I had an increased patience and truly understood how to help them grow.  I lost some of my eyesight resulting in homonymous hemianopia. This grew a new passion to help kids use their eyesight to read and experience adventures.  Adventures only formed by what written words could deliver.  From that passion, I was able to not only reopen a school library but also win a long overdue library makeover from Target and Heart of America.  My seizures have now returned.  I will not mourn the uninvited, unexpected chaos in my brain.  I remain thankful for eight amazing years of being seizure free.  I kept my memories and will someday discover the purpose of this trial.  Until then, I will hold tight to my family.  I thank my amazing neighbors that not only got me the medical attention I desperately needed, but also took in my children until my husband could return back to our home.    The support, the love and the encouragement I received once again made me understand how rich I truly am.

No, you will not see me on the next list of Forbes billionaires.  You will not find an enormous bank account with my name as the owner.  You will though, I have no doubt, be intrigued by the riches I have found within the difficulties, or challenges, life has handed me.  I do not want to continue to suffer physically or mentally; however, if that is what life hands me, I am prepared for it.  I will face my obstacles with unending optimism, and I will say thank you for the chance to make something more special out of the inconveniences life has delivered.  I have the opportunity to grow from rags to riches!  When has your optimism helped your grow from rags to riches?  I would enjoy reading your events.  Please leave a comment and tell me about it.

April 20, 2011....From Rags

May 02,2011....To Riches

Comments on: "From Rags To Riches" (6)

  1. I am a lifelong pessimist (combination of nature and nurture, I think).
    To me— Tara, with your optimistic nature, you are truly blessed! You are rich indeed.
    I admire you enormously, and am very grateful for the opportunity to warm my chilly self at the flames of your words.

  2. Judith,

    You declare that you are a pessimist; however, through your writing and recollection of poems you share such beauty and happiness with the world.

    I am blessed. I have to agree. It is through the love of my family and friends I easily maintain my optimistic attitude.


  3. Quite the comeback young lady. As always you are looking fabulous! Great news. I am so very happy for you Tara.

  4. Hi Tara.

    I found this beauty spot through Touch2Touch blog today.

    I am touched and inspired. I have a new found appreciation for discovering the beauty of nature. You are resilient character.

    Warmest greetings to brighten and lighten each day.

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