Overcoming obstacles with Optimism

The Today Show on NBC will air my story tomorrow between 7:30 and 8 a.m. University of Iowa graduate student Justin Feinstein, who works with me, also will be interviewed. This is a HUGE development. I am very excited and hope you will watch it, too!


UPDATE 05/09/2011:  This weekend I was also invited to participate in a Channel 9 News Today in Australia intervview.  Please feel free to watch this segment:



Comments on: "Huge News From Me: UPDATE" (11)

  1. We have no TV, Tara — so besides wishing you congrats and kdos — we hope you’ll post on Youtube!

  2. Wow, this is incredible! Will you add a You Tube link when it becomes available? (I won’t be able to watch live as I’ll be at work during that time…) Congratulations to you, and wonderful visibility for this cause!

  3. I’m excited for you! 🙂

  4. Just saw the segment! And wanted to say it was fabulous. My favorite comment was your saying how blessed you were to be able to hug your children everyday! It speaks to your strength and ability to transcend the condition and to savor what you do have instead of your loss.

    My husband, too, developed prosopagnosia over 7 years ago as a result of a stroke. He was in a freak July 4th boating accident where his spleen exploded, resulting in extreme blood loss which caused the stroke and ultimately the condition. He really had no idea about the condition until we saw a show on the Discovery Channel about prosopagnosia in December following the accident – he just thought things were fuzzy!

    Anyway – while I can’t say that I know exactly how you feel – I can say that I know first-hand what extraordinary struggles you face everyday and what you have to overcome that everyone else takes for granted.
    You are a hero in my book!

    Thanks for sharing your story with the world. I know that others, like our family, will benefit from the increased awareness and possible resulting research!

    I signed up for your blog! so you can keep us posted.

    PS – we have 2 girls as well and they don’t miss a beat!

  5. Higi,

    I am so grateful you took the time to find my blog. It is wonderful to read your comment! Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!

    Your husband must have been so confused and frustrated after his accident. I remember when I first found out I was not alone after seeing a television special. What a moment of relief! Now, it has just become a part of my life. I hope that he can find some humor in his condition. For example, I tell everyone they do not need to be worried about making their first impression with me. After all, I allow everyone to make thousands of first impressions if they need it. 🙂

    Raising awareness and understanding were my two main goals. After reading your comment, I know these goals are being reached. Please stay in touch. I wish your family the best!


  6. I will definitely keep in touch! It is nice to have a kindred spirit who understands. I think the best part of my husband not being able to see my face is that I will always be eternally young in his mind! – no wrinkles or sagging skin under the eyes – hehe!

    Keep up the good work.


  7. Tara, I am SO PROUD of you!!!! Wow, you handled that interview like a champ! So articulate (of course, hello!), so poised, and still, so human and relatable. Wow – you rock lady!! 🙂

  8. Segment was brilliant! You are so articulate, and you looked gorgeous (just BTW, and since you wouldn’t have recognized you 🙂 Your girls are lovely, and loving.

    TODAY did a good job, too — seems to me — and explained prosopagnosia in a very clear way, with some of the problems involved. You are a fine spokeperson for the condition. Huge day, huge achievement.
    Congratulations, woman!

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