Overcoming obstacles with Optimism

Law & Order is no longer one of my favorite shows.  I also used to regularly enjoy CSI, but I no longer watch that either.  I have never watched a full episode of Sex and the CityDesperate Housewives offers me no entertainment value whatsoever.  Which shows do I now try to tune into every week?  House and Harry’s Law are great.  NCIS is another favorite.

I had previously wondered what it was about these shows that so strongly pulled my attention.  Yes, I enjoy a good medical drama.  Crime shows have always captured my interest.  But what is it about these particular shows? Why do I no longer get enjoyment from CSI and Law & Order?

Prosopagnosia, or face blindness, is what created this change.  Understanding that my inability to remember a face developed seven years ago easily explains my current choice of favorite TV shows.  Those I direct my attention to now have similar, yet very different, casts.  They all have both males and females in leading roles.  The races vary among leading actors.  If there are two people of the same gender and race, their age difference makes them easily identifiable.  What is also important is the cast rarely includes guest stars.  While it is nice to have an occasional guest, the rotating and unexpected characters usually leave me wondering who someone was and what role they were playing.  More than once I have watched a show and lost interest when trying to identify whether the actor being shown was the lawyer or the criminal we saw earlier.

For these reasons, I also find many movies difficult to follow.  I will take a book any day over something I have to watch.  With a book, I can create my own images through the written words.  Words are always easier to follow than a screen of rotating unfamiliar faces.

Prosopagnosia awareness has recently increased due to media coverage and confessions of famous people such as Dr. Oliver Sacks in The Mind’s Eye.  I hope the major television networks take notice of this disorder.  I would love to join the water cooler conversations about last week’s episode of The Good Wife.  However, when the characters all look the same to me, I am left with nothing to chat about.  I have too much trouble following the story line.  Too many cast members lacked unique identifying characteristic.  But hey, did you catch Harry’s Law last week?  I would really like to chat about that entertaining episode!


Comments on: "Not As Entertained By TV Entertainment" (3)

  1. Jessica said:

    I love all the same shows! Harry’s Law is such a good show,Kathy Bates seems cranky, but she’s got a heart of gold. I can totally relate to Jenna,especially when her car was stolen!

  2. Tara,
    I am pleased you and Jessica both say you like Harry’s Law. I am such a fan of Kathy Bates. Her character has intelligence, yet she is not perfect.
    I gave up CSI long ago but for a different reason. NCIS is always fun and entertaining.
    I cannot imagine what your frustrations are like, I do know that you always handle these situations with much grace. You are a great example for others.

  3. Thank you Barb and Jessica for stopping by and offering your thoughts. Yes, Kathy Bates is an incredible actress. She plays her character very well. I catch up and watch the rerun on Saturday night. I was stomping my feet by the end of this past one.

    Oh well, at least I knew who he was letting go and who he was hoping to hold onto. 🙂 That makes it so much more interesting when I can follow simple things such as that!

    I hope you both have had a great weekend!


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