Overcoming obstacles with Optimism

I enjoy a good jigsaw puzzle.  I like to open a brand new box, shake the pieces out and let my eyes roam at what the creation will be once it is all properly put together.  I always start by finding the four corner pieces.  Isn’t that what we were always taught?  Start by finding the four pieces that will make the strong edges – everything else will later depend on these.  Day by day, slowly, piece by piece you can take the jagged edges and find a way to gently place them together.  The work can progress slowly, or you can go fast.  Either way, once you have created a connection, brought life back to one complete project instead of a mismatch of disconnected pieces, you will be amazed at the brilliant picture you have created.

I like to think that is how we all are.  Deep within us, aren’t we all like the shattered jigsaw puzzle stored in the box?  You can find examples in your soul, your spirit and even your body.  At one point, we are all beautiful.  Yet, within a moment, our blissful world can shatter leaving us physically or mentally in pieces.  But never forget what the untouched image had, at one time, looked like.  It was a beautiful piece.  In putting ourselves back together, we have time to examine all the individual aspects in our lives.  Once we have taken the pieces, piece-by-piece to slowly recreate the original image, we find out so much about ourselves.  When we are once again whole, the image we have come to know can be spectacular.  This complete image can provide us with a peace that our fast-paced lives often cause us to forget.

Whether it is a surprising blow, a long drawn out painful situation or something you knew was coming but never expected to happen, take a moment and let yourself be surrounded by the shattered pieces of your life.  Then recreate the wonderful image you can build again.  Fit your pieces together and become stronger as you realize what treasures your body and mind truly hold.  Fall down, shatter and I hope someday you will learn the important lesson in life I have discovered time and time again: Within my broken pieces, I can find peace.

Comments on: "Finding Peace In My Broken Pieces" (8)

  1. That is just beautiful, Tara.
    And a charming picture. Both inspiring!

  2. This is a beautiful analogy of how we are like jigsaw puzzles!

    In full detail, your writing skills are wonderful!

    • I am so glad that you enjoyed this analogy. It has been working in my mind for quite some time. When I finally sat down to write it, it seemed very simple yet powerful. Thanks for taking the time to leave a very nice comment!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing this in such a beautiful way to all of us broken ones. You are a beautiful gift!

  4. I love and admire how you beautifully put together the pieces of your life Tara! When I was preggy with my 1st son I do jigsaw puzzles with my hubby, with excitement. Now I am enjoying it with my kiddos.

    In the box we see the beauty of the whole picture and I’m sure God too is looking in our box with love and smile!

    Thanks for this great piece Tara! 🙂

  5. And won’t He smile at the complete pieces we are working so hard on creating? 🙂 No one is perfect, but it is a joy to work on improvement while experiencing such a full, beautiful life. I am glad you share your enjoyment of puzzles with your family.

    Rea, your quotes help pass along joy to many, many people. You have quite wonderful pieces you share with the world, too. I am very grateful for that!


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