Overcoming obstacles with Optimism

I Am Rich!

I am rich!  Oh gracious, I have recently realized how rich I truly am!  Now let me warn you before you strive to find my bank account number, all of this wealth is not held in the bank.  Nor will you find piles of gold in my home.  No.  During this past season of giving thanks and recognizing gratitude in every day joys, I realized the true wealth that surrounds me.  Every night, I go to bed under warm covers with a roof over my head.  Every day I awake to my two beautiful daughters.  These children will sing with me.  They like to dance with me.  These children return to me the abundance of love I provide to them.  I laugh and cry with great friends that allow me the privilege of sharing my life with them.  I still fall down occasionally; however, I have gotten up one more time than I  have fallen.  I am still on my feet and standing strong.

Too often we measure wealth with our ability to keep up with the physical possessions of those around us.  Maybe, just maybe in the weeks following the American tradition of Thanksgiving, we can hold onto these thoughts and relive pleasant memories.  Hold tight on to the simple things for which we are grateful.

No, my bank account is not extraordinarily high.  Selling all my possessions I own will not make me gain recognition on the Forbes list of top money makers.  Yet, I am fortunate enough to recognize the true value of the wealth that surrounds me.  As I prepare to walk to school to pick up my children, I will smile as the warm sun shines upon my face.  I will walk home caught in the realization of my great fortune having daughters grow as they walk beside me.  Into my memory, I will record the stories they share on these daily walks.  Their stories are worth more than any book I could ever find.  And I will, lucky for me, continue to recognize the true wealth that I possess within my heart and my life.  Let’s not end this season of giving thanks merely because of the date on our calendar.  As the Christmas holiday rolls around, make sure to take time to spread extra messages of caring, love and offering gratitude to those in your life that make you wealthy, too!

Comments on: "I Am Rich!" (7)

  1. Yes you are rich because you have love.
    You are richer because you share yourself.
    You are richest because you know you are
    and appreciate it!
    Thanks for sharing your riches!

  2. Tara, I loved your line, “I have gotten up one more time than I have fallen.” So ‘simple’, and yet it struck me deeply. That’s all it takes – to just get up one more time than we fall. Wow.

    And I agree – sometimes simplification is much more powerful than the clutter of “stuff”. While I am by no means a renunciate, I do appreciate less-being-more. Indeed, I can do more to keep less in my home. : )

    Thanks for the great reminders!


    • I love the “less-being-more” concept. It is so hard to apply to our home though. When you have two little girls that LOVE craft time, clutter seems to collect at a rapid pace!

      A few years ago for Mother’s Day I received 30+ cards and an enormous amount of other crafts. It is a difficult challenge to have the girls not miss the clutter when some of their gifts oddly disappear?? 🙂

  3. You share so joyfully, so simply, so generously.
    Thank you for the riches you give to all of us.

    • And thank You Judith for stopping by! It is always nice to see your comments appear on my page. I hope that you have a warm, wonderful Christmas planned.

      Merry Christmas to you!


  4. […] The value of love uncontained by closing tape was what truly warmed my heart.  I am lucky to realize how rich I really am in so many […]

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