Overcoming obstacles with Optimism

Strokes Happen

A stroke, a cerebral vascular accident, can happen to anyone.  It can happen anywhere.  I was fortunate enough to experience my stroke while in a hospital on an operating room table.  The medical staff could immediately notice the slacked face and half-limp body.  Regardless of the quick response, when a blood vessel is blocked even for a second, there can be years lost.  Learning to walk again while in your twenties, having a child stand beside you learning to walk that very same week, learning to button your shirt again while finding a new way to get dressed can all tear a person down.  However, it can also reveal an amazing journey.  It is not until you have fallen that far will you be able to truly find the rewarding and amazing view of life from climbing back up the mountain again.

Be aware that a stroke can happen to either gender, at any age, any race, in any person.  It is best to know the symptoms of a stroke before it occurs, so you can get help at once.  Know the signs: trouble walking, trouble seeing, trouble speaking and weakness on one side of your body.  If you experience any of these, call 911 at once, and get to the hospital as quickly as possible to receive the medical attention that you will require.  A stroke will create a lot of victims each year and many survivors.  Know these signs early, so you can get the medical help you need.


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